Social Work

Farmers Empowerment

ASTITVA Foundation is providing education and support for farmers and their families.


Farmers Empowerment

The ASTITVA Foundation knows that the farmers who are cancer survivors face unique challenges. They may experience physical and emotional strain from the demanding nature of their work and the impact of cancer treatments. Additionally, exposure to agricultural chemicals may contribute to their cancer diagnosis. These factors can have profound effects on their health, well-being, and livelihood.

To help such farmers, ASTITVA Foundation’s Farmers Empowerment Programme assists them  by providing tailored support programmes. This includes access to healthcare resources, counseling services, and education on safe farming practices. 

Through Farmers Empowerment Programme, one of the primary goals of the ASTITVA Foundation is to help farmers become self-sufficient and financially independent. Through training and education programmes, the foundation teaches farmers how to improve their farming practices, increase crop yields, and manage their resources more effectively. This not only helps them to provide for their families, but it also contributes to the economic growth of their communities.

Empowering today,
Inspiring tomorrow.

Through unwavering commitment, the ASTITVA Foundation empowers cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Together, we create a resilient community that inspires hope, spreads awareness, and paves the path for a brighter and healthier future.