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Education not only empowers children  to earn a livelihood but also help them grow up as responsible national and global citizens.


Our Support for Education

Children from families affected by cancer face unique challenges in their education. The emotional and financial strain on the family can disrupt their schooling, impacting their academic progress. The uncertainty and stress surrounding their parent’s illness can also take an emotional toll, affecting their focus and motivation to learn. Providing them support for education is crucial to ensure continuity and mitigate the negative effects of cancer on their academic development.

By offering financial aid, educational resources, tutoring, and counseling, our Cancer Care non-government organization ASTITVA Foundation gives support for education to these children to overcome obstacles, maintain their educational trajectory, and provide them with the tools to thrive academically despite the challenges they face at home.

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Child Education Sponsorship

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Child Education Sponsorship

In India, for children in families affected by cancer, the need for educational support becomes even more critical. Often, they face additional societal barriers and gender inequalities. By providing financial aid, mentorship, and empowering resources, organizations like ASTITVA Foundation enable these to overcome obstacles and access quality education, empowering them for a brighter future.
To help the child in their education, our Cancer Care Non-Profit Organisation, the ASTITVA Foundation keeps on organising initiatives from time to time. Sponsoring their education is one of the focused programmes of our foundation.

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Through our unwavering commitment, we empower cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Together, we create a resilient community that inspires hope, spreads awareness, and paves the path for a brighter and healthier future.