As an Established Cancer Care Foundation

Over the past three years, the Astitva Foundation has been actively engaged in a range of charitable initiatives dedicated to uplifting the lives of disadvantaged individuals and improving their overall well-being. Here is a concise overview of our significant accomplishments during this period:



Numbers of Gainer

Supporting Cancer Patients

Astitva Foundation has been a steadfast partner to cancer patients, diligently facilitating prompt and cost-effective treatment in collaboration with government and private hospitals, ensuring access to quality care.


Continued Healthcare Engagement

Through inspirational talks and outreach activities, we have actively engaged with communities, both in rural and urban areas, empowering individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Meditation for Wellness

Our commitment to holistic well-being is evident through our sponsorship of meditation programs for patients, promoting a stress-free and disease-free lifestyle.


Accessible Healthcare

In partnership with renowned laboratories, we have facilitated essential medical tests at highly subsidized rates, alleviating the financial burden of healthcare for many.


Imaging Services Accessibility

We have secured discounted imaging services for numerous patients at reputable diagnostic centers, ensuring that critical diagnostic procedures are accessible to all who need them.

Recent Surgical Initiatives (Last 2 Months)

Over the past two months, our foundation has performed surgeries on  cancer patients, including cases of breast and cervical cancer, without charging any surgeon fees, reaffirming our commitment to accessible healthcare.


Medical Assistance

With compassion and commitment, we have offered free medical consultations to patients, contributing to their timely diagnosis and treatment and ultimately enhancing their overall health.


Education Empowerment

We have facilitated the education of underprivileged children by generously covering their annual school fees, providing them with essential uniforms, textbooks, and nutritious meals.


Library Books Donation

Our foundation has ensured access to vital educational resources by sponsoring library facilities for students, nurturing their love for learning and personal growth.



The Astitva Foundation remains steadfastly dedicated to our mission of positively impacting the lives of those in need, and we continue to champion health, education, and well-being within our communities.